The Campaign

This government’s drug policy is letting down the people Labour is set up to represent, whether it’s children being exploited by dealers to sell heroin on our estates, BAME people being disproportionately imprisoned for possessing cannabis, or treatment services struggling under the weight of austerity.

With governments around the world moving to harm reduction policies, and organisations such as the British Medical Journal to the Royal College of Physicians supporting reform here in the UK, we believe it’s time for the Labour grassroots to have a voice on how we approach this complex policy issue. The Labour Campaign for Drug Policy Reform (LCDPR) aims to provide a forum for the Labour members and supporters to debate and shape Labour's drug policy for the future.

The Campaign’s Ambassadors will play a key role in facilitating this consultation. Each Ambassador is responsible for organising a public meeting that will ask members and voters how they would like the Labour Party’s drug policy to be reformed.  

Labour members and voters can also contribute by submitting a motion to their CLP meeting or hosting their own Fringe Meeting and submitting the findings onto the LCDPR website. Alternatively, there is the option of making an individual submission onto the LCDPR website.  

The Campaign’s Expert Working Group will be responsible for turning the findings from the consultation into a concrete set of recommendations. The Campaign’s Founders, MPs Jeff Smith and Thangam Debbonaire will then present these findings for consideration to Labour front bench representatives.

To achieve this end, the Campaign relies upon the engagement of Labour members and voters.